For transgender Texans, navigating public restrooms is already complicated

Citing public safety and privacy concerns, some Texas Republicans this year are pushing for a measure to restrict bathroom use based on "biological sex."

Senate Bill 6 would keep transgender Texans from using some public bathrooms that match their gender identity, further complicating a decision that already comes with extra public scrutiny and precautions against potential violence.

In their own words, listen to five transgender Texans share some of those experiences.

Lily Pando

16 years old | she/her/hers

Houston, TX

Angel Martinez

40 years old | he/him/his

Dallas, TX

Nicole Lynn Perry

28 years old | she/her/hers

Dallas, TX

Mason Henderson

18 years old | he/him/his

San Antonio, TX

Kitana Sánchez

31 years old | she/her/hers

Corpus Christi, TX

Produced by

Ryan Murphy and Todd Wiseman

Photography by

Michael Stravato, Laura Buckman, Shelby Knowles, Robin Jerstad and Eddie Seal

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