Limiting property tax increases: How the Texas House voted

During the debate over Senate Bill 1, which would limit how much local governments can raise property taxes without triggering automatic rollback elections, state representatives were asked to change a proposed 6 percent limit to 4 percent — a change the bill's author said would prompt him to withdraw the legislation. The House voted 80-52 against that amendment, and then continued to debate the rest of the bill.  Here's how members voted; a “yes” was to maintain the original proposal of 6 percent; a “no” was a vote to lower it further to 4 percent (current law allows voters to petition for rollback elections for increases of 8 percent or more).

PartyYesNoDid not vote

How representatives voted

How representatives voted by party

R-56Anderson, Charles Anderson, CN
R-105Anderson, Rodney Anderson, RY
R-57Ashby, Trent AshbyY
R-18Bailes, Ernest BailesY
R-3Bell Jr., Cecil Bell Jr.N
R-73Biedermann, Kyle BiedermannN
R-138Bohac, Dwayne BohacN
R-25Bonnen, Dennis Bonnen, DY
R-24Bonnen, Greg Bonnen, GN
R-113Burkett, Cindy BurkettN
R-58Burns, DeWayne BurnsY
R-83Burrows, Dustin BurrowsN
R-112Button, Angie Chen ButtonY
R-128Cain, Briscoe CainN
R-98Capriglione, Giovanni CapriglioneN
R-11Clardy, Travis Clardy
R-8Cook, Byron CookY
R-54Cosper, Scott CosperY
R-82Craddick, Tom CraddickN
R-17Cyrier, John CyrierY
R-136Dale, Tony DaleN
R-72Darby, Drew DarbyY
R-134Davis, Sarah Davis, SN
R-7Dean, Jay DeanY
R-135Elkins, Gary W. ElkinsN
R-23Faircloth, Wayne FairclothN
R-106Fallon, Pat FallonN
R-2Flynn, Dan FlynnY
R-69Frank, James FrankN
R-84Frullo, John FrulloN
R-99Geren, Charlie GerenY
R-97Goldman, Craig GoldmanN
R-52Gonzales, Larry GonzalesY
R-4Gooden, Lance GoodenY
R-5Hefner, Cole HefnerN
R-33Holland, Justin HollandY
R-127Huberty, Dan HubertyY
R-32Hunter, Todd HunterY
R-45Isaac, Jason A. IsaacN
R-12Kacal, Kyle KacalY
R-15Keough, Mark KeoughN
R-88King, Ken King, KY
R-61King, Phil King, PN
R-91Klick, Stephanie KlickN
R-102Koop, Linda KoopY
R-93Krause, Matt KrauseN
R-44Kuempel, John KuempelY
R-71Lambert, Stan LambertY
R-81Landgraf, Brooks LandgrafY
R-60Lang, Mike LangN
R-122Larson, Lyle LarsonY
R-89Laubenberg, Jodie LaubenbergN
R-67Leach, Jeff Leach
R-43Lozano, J.M. LozanoY
R-16Metcalf, Will MetcalfN
R-108Meyer, Morgan MeyerN
R-26Miller, Rick MillerY
R-30Morrison, Geanie W. MorrisonY
R-133Murphy, Jim Murphy
R-53Murr, Andrew MurrY
R-130Oliverson, Tom OliversonY
R-9Paddie, Chris PaddieY
R-63Parker, Tan ParkerN
R-129Paul, Dennis PaulN
R-21Phelan, Dade PhelanN
R-62Phillips, Larry PhillipsY
R-87Price, Four PriceY
R-14Raney, John Raney
R-115Rinaldi, Matt RinaldiN
R-126Roberts, Kevin RobertsY
R-70Sanford, Scott SanfordN
R-6Schaefer, Matt SchaeferN
R-132Schofield, Mike SchofieldN
R-13Schubert, Leighton SchubertY
R-66Shaheen, Matt ShaheenN
R-59Sheffield, J.D. SheffieldY
R-55Shine, Hugh D. ShineY
R-65Simmons, Ron SimmonsN
R-86Smithee, John SmitheeY
R-68Springer, Drew SpringerY
R-85Stephenson, Phil StephensonY
R-92Stickland, Jonathan SticklandN
R-121Straus, Joe Straus
R-64Stucky, Lynn StuckyN
R-150Swanson, Valoree SwansonN
R-29Thompson, Ed Thompson, EN
R-94Tinderholt, Tony TinderholtN
R-1VanDeaver, Gary VanDeaverY
R-114Villalba, Jason VillalbaY
R-19White, James WhiteN
R-20Wilson, Terry WilsonN
R-47Workman, Paul WorkmanN
R-10Wray, John WrayY
R-96Zedler, Bill ZedlerN
R-28Zerwas, John ZerwasY
D-131Allen, Alma A. AllenY
D-104Alonzo, Roberto R. AlonzoY
D-145Alvarado, Carol AlvaradoY
D-103Anchia, Rafael Anchia
D-116Arévalo, Diana ArévaloY
D-123Bernal, Diego BernalY
D-76Blanco, César BlancoY
D-40Canales, Terry CanalesN
D-147Coleman, Garnet ColemanY
D-95Collier, Nicole CollierY
D-117Cortez, Philip CortezY
D-111Davis, Yvonne Davis, Y
D-22Deshotel, Joe DeshotelY
D-46Dukes, Dawnna DukesY
D-142Dutton Jr., Harold Dutton Jr.Y
D-148Farrar, Jessica Farrar
D-120Gervin-Hawkins, Barbara Gervin-HawkinsY
D-109Giddings, Helen GiddingsY
D-75González, Mary GonzálezY
D-41Guerra, Robert GuerraY
D-31Guillen, Ryan GuillenN
D-119Gutierrez, Roland GutierrezN
D-143Hernandez, Ana Hernandez
D-34Herrero, Abel Herrero
D-49Hinojosa, Gina HinojosaY
D-48Howard, Donna HowardY
D-50Israel, Celia Israel
D-100Johnson, Eric Johnson, EY
D-139Johnson, Jarvis Johnson, JY
D-80King, Tracy King, TY
D-35Longoria, Oscar LongoriaY
D-38Lucio III, Eddie Lucio III
D-39Martinez, Armando MartinezY
D-124Minjarez, Ina Minjarez
D-78Moody, Joseph Moody
D-36Muñoz Jr., Sergio Muñoz Jr.N
D-107Neave, Victoria NeaveY
D-74Nevárez, Alfonso NevárezY
D-37Oliveira, René OliveiraY
D-77Ortega, Evelina OrtegaY
D-144Perez, Mary Ann PerezN
D-79Pickett, Joe PickettY
D-42Raymond, Richard Peña RaymondN
D-27Reynolds, Ron Reynolds
D-51Rodriguez, Eddie Rodriguez, EY
D-125Rodriguez, Justin Rodriguez, JY
D-90Romero Jr., Ramon Romero Jr.Y
D-110Rose, Toni Rose
D-146Thierry, Shawn Thierry
D-141Thompson, Senfronia Thompson, SY
D-101Turner, Chris TurnerY
D-118Uresti, Tomas UrestiY
D-149Vo, Hubert VoY
D-140Walle, Armando Walle
D-137Wu, Gene WuY