Where Harvey’s effects were felt the most in Texas

According to a preliminary analysis by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, at least 156,000 properties may have been affected by the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey. At least 68,000 are located in Harris County.

FEMA’s damage modeling is based on parcel data and coastal and river flood gauge levels, and does not account for damage that may have been caused by wind or levee breaks, nor does it take into account that structures on a property may be elevated.

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Use the map below to explore the data. FEMA’s data collection and analysis is ongoing — we will continue to update the map as more information becomes available.

Initial FEMA Assessment


Major damage

Minor damage

Affected by floods

Source: Federal Emergency Management Agency analysis as of Sept. 2

NOTE: This is a static image of the map. An interactive version can be viewed on Mapbox's site.