Here’s how each Texas House member voted on the property tax reform bill

A priority property tax reform measure, Senate Bill 2, was approved by the House on a 107-40 vote Tuesday after a half-dozen hours of debate. More than 20 Democratic lawmakers broke party ranks to support the measure, which has garnered adamant opposition from city and county officials since its introduction.

How they voted
PartyYesNoDid not vote

The measure aims to constrain the rate at which property tax bills grow. But municipal leaders and many Democrats have argued it would hamstring local budgets while providing scant relief to homeowners. The House and Senate will likely need to negotiate the final terms of the bill before it can head to the governor’s desk for a signature.

One change made to the bill Tuesday stipulates its provisions supersede municipal charters and ordinances. This could mean Houston, which currently operates under revenue constraints, would see its cap overridden. Nine of the Democrats who broke party ranks to vote for SB 2 represent Houston. Several other Democrats who supported the bill Tuesday hail from districts along the border.

As passed yesterday, the bill allows taxing units to factor the cost of providing indigent healthcare and homestead exemptions into their revenue growth calculation. Tax revenue generated from new developments is excluded altogether.

Taxing units can also increase their property tax levy by $500,000 a year without triggering an election. And they can exceed the election trigger in some years, as long as their revenue growth averages 3.5% over five years.

How they voted by party

R-121Steve AllisonY
R-56Charles "Doc" AndersonY
R-57Trent AshbyY
R-18Ernest BailesY
R-3Cecil Bell Jr.Y
R-4Keith BellY
R-73Kyle BiedermannY
R-138Dwayne BohacY
R-24Greg Bonnen
R-25Dennis BonnenY
R-54Brad BuckleyY
R-58DeWayne BurnsY
R-83Dustin BurrowsY
R-112Angie Chen ButtonY
R-128Briscoe CainY
R-98Giovanni CapriglioneY
R-11Travis ClardyY
R-82Tom CraddickY
R-17John CyrierY
R-72Drew DarbyY
R-134Sarah DavisY
R-7Jay DeanY
R-2Dan FlynnY
R-69James FrankY
R-84John FrulloY
R-99Charlie GerenY
R-97Craig GoldmanY
R-126E. Sam HarlessY
R-8Cody HarrisY
R-5Cole HefnerY
R-33Justin HollandY
R-127Dan HubertyY
R-32Todd HunterY
R-12Kyle KacalY
R-61Phil KingY
R-88Ken KingY
R-91Stephanie KlickY
R-93Matt KrauseY
R-44John KuempelY
R-71Stan LambertY
R-81Brooks LandgrafY
R-60Mike LangY
R-122Lyle LarsonY
R-67Jeff LeachY
R-13Ben LemanY
R-43Jose Manuel LozanoY
R-16Will MetcalfY
R-108Morgan MeyerY
R-23Mayes MiddletonY
R-26Rick MillerY
R-30Geanie MorrisonY
R-133Jim MurphyY
R-53Andrew MurrY
R-89Candy NobleY
R-130Tom OliversonY
R-9Christoper PaddieY
R-63Tan ParkerY
R-106Jared PattersonY
R-129Dennis PaulY
R-21Dade PhelanY
R-87Four PriceY
R-14John RaneyY
R-70Scott SanfordY
R-6Matt SchaeferY
R-66Matt ShaheenY
R-59J.D. SheffieldY
R-55Hugh ShineY
R-62Reggie SmithY
R-86John SmitheeY
R-68Drew Springer
R-85Phil StephensonY
R-92Jonathan SticklandY
R-64Lynn StuckyY
R-150Valoree SwansonY
R-29Ed ThompsonY
R-94Tony TinderholtY
R-15Steve TothY
R-1Gary VanDeaverY
R-19James WhiteY
R-20Terry WilsonY
R-10John WrayY
R-96Bill ZedlerY
R-28John ZerwasY
D-131Alma AllenY
D-103Rafael AnchiaN
D-65Michelle BeckleyN
D-123Diego BernalN
D-76Cesar BlancoY
D-113Rhetta Andrews BowersN
D-136John BucyN
D-132Gina CalanniY
D-40Terry CanalesY
D-46Sheryl ColeN
D-147Garnet ColemanY
D-95Nicole CollierN
D-117Philip CortezN
D-111Yvonne DavisN
D-22Joe DeshotelY
D-37Alex DominguezY
D-142Harold Dutton Jr.Y
D-148Jessica FarrarY
D-79Art FierroY
D-120Barbara Gervin-HawkinsN
D-75Mary GonzálezN
D-104Jessica GonzálezN
D-47Vikki GoodwinN
D-41Robert "Bobby" GuerraY
D-31Ryan GuillenY
D-119Roland GutierrezN
D-143Ana HernandezY
D-34Abel HerreroY
D-49Gina HinojosaN
D-48Donna HowardN
D-50Celia IsraelN
D-100Eric JohnsonN
D-115Julie JohnsonY
D-139Jarvis D. JohnsonY
D-80Tracy KingN
D-35Oscar LongoriaY
D-125Ray LopezN
D-38Eddie Lucio IIIY
D-39Armando Mando MartinezN
D-116Trey Martinez FischerN
D-105Terry MezaN
D-124Ina MinjarezN
D-78Joe MoodyY
D-145Christina MoralesN
D-36Sergio MunozY
D-107Victoria NeaveN
D-74Alfonso Poncho NevárezN
D-77Evelina "Lina" OrtegaN
D-118Leo PachecoY
D-144Mary Ann Perez
D-102Ana-Maria RamosN
D-42Richard Peña RaymondY
D-27Ron ReynoldsN
D-51Eddie RodriguezN
D-90Ramon Romero Jr.Y
D-110Toni RoseN
D-135Jon RosenthalN
D-109Carl ShermanN
D-52James TalaricoN
D-146Shawn ThierryY
D-141Senfronia ThompsonY
D-101Chris TurnerN
D-114John TurnerN
D-149Hubert VoN
D-140Armando WalleN
D-137Gene WuY
D-45Erin ZwienerN